Thursday, March 20, 2008

It's a..........


Or a girl!!!!! Hahahaha

No, I didn't peek. I admit, it was really tempting, when she started wiggling the wand around trying to get the little bean to move it's legs. But she asked if I wanted to know, and I stuck with my planned No. So, she stopped jiggling my stomach. Everything else looked good. All the parts are normal, nothing unusual to be concerned about. And there definitely is only one in there.

So, now I guess we're stuck not knowing since I won't be getting another US. Tatum said she wanted to know if it was a boy or girl. I asked "what if they can't tell? Sometimes babies hold their legs together so you can't see." She said, "we'll find out when it comes out". Smart girl. She's still holding out for a sister, of course.
The baby was lying with it's head towards my left side and it's spine pointing down towards my feet. We saw the little left hand waving, and the right hand balled up in a fist.

My appt was after the US. We took a quick listen just so the little kids could hear the heartbeat. Tatum said "the heart is beeping". All else is pretty normal. Still having some nausea, and amazingly, have only gained 4 pounds so far. My next appt will be April 18.


Cindy said...

So sweet! WOW... you have will power! I don't think I could do that. Either way - you will have a beautiful little addition and that is all that counts. ;) TFS

Special K said...

Relieved that everything looks good. And that there's only one!!