Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Okay..... UPDATE

Update: Yes, Krista, there is no actual sex in this video just clothed kissing. However, you couldn't have sex on MTV back in the olden days. Ahem, I mean, when we were teenagers. In fact, I don't think you could have sex on TV until after 11 pm. Now, you have obvious sexual innuendos in animated Disney movies. (It's true. Watch the Incredibles again).

Apparently, listening to his beautiful voice, and staring at his gorgeousness is not enough for Krista. Yes, he did only lean against the wall in that video, but wasn't he pretty? And I LOVE that song.

Watch this one, and you'll understand why I never picked up on the gay factor.

But, if you watch this one, you might wonder how I missed it. Didn't all white people dance like that in the 80's, though? What you say? The hot pants? Uh, yeah, those are questionable.


Special K said...

#1 Notice there's no actual sex going on there. Just some clothed kissing.

#2. gay gay gay and really gay.

Cindy said...

1 = Hot as all get out!!!

2 = So GAY! No doubt!