Monday, March 17, 2008

March in Ohio

Yep, I'm back into full slacker mode. My energy and motivation were short lived. In all honesty though, I did try to post several days ago, and @*#**@ blogger wouldn't load my pics. So, you'll have to just hear about the week in retrospect.
For the two people who didn't already know that Ohio had a huge snowstorm and blizzard like conditions, here you go..... And yes, the grill should probably be in the garage this time of year, or at least be covered. Yet another thing on the get around to it list.
What a difference a week makes. This is the road in front of my house last Saturday, March 8. Truly, there is a road there.
Another pic of my sleeping prince. Yes, this is my husband's favorite position and most weekends, this is where you will find him. Okay, not ALL weekend. Especially not this one since I went out with my girls and left him home with the kids two nights in a row. LOL Saturday night, I drove down to Cinci with a couple girlfriends to see Michael Buble in concert. We had a great time, although I will tell you, if you get floor seats during hockey season, wear fur boots. Your feet will mysteriously start to freeze as the night wears on. Sunday evening, we added a couple more girlfriends, and headed out to Olive Garden for dinner. Then finished up the evening, night, and wee hours of the morning playing Wii and board games. Note: Mixing alcohol and Taboo may cause extreme outbursts. And I still don't understand what "you stink like salmon" has to do with kebabs. :op I still love you, Missy. Even if you make no sense at times.

The Tatermeister got a hold of my camera, again. It's so funny to turn it on and discover her mad photography skills. Evidenced here.....

This is my long week off work, and I was hoping to get alot accomplished. Alas, I have not. Thankfully, I have 2 more days off. So some semblance of cleanliness may occur in my house, and we might get clean underwear before the end of the week. Has anyone noticed how much laundry children generate? My God. Just when I think I can start washing my own clothes, I turn around and there is another basket of the boys' clothes. Ugh! Do they seriously have to wear a different outfit....... everyday?

I was also hoping to finish up potty training with Teagan. He has other plans. The little booger knows how to use the potty and will when he feels like it. Which is apparently not this week. Not even Thomas the Train and Diego undies could turn him on to it. I was hoping we'd be done before his birthday March 29, since the older boys were both out of diapers a week or two before their third birthday. Not so with this little man. I tried letting him run around pantless since that is what worked with Tanner. He will use the potty once, then go hours before asking for a diaper, just so he can pee in it. Oh well, I guess we'll be working on Teagan's schedule. As long as it is before August, that is all I ask. I have gone through a few "last" pack of diapers already.

The little bean has been pretty quiet. There have been a few times here and there where I think, hmm, maybe, I felt movement. But it happens so quickly that I don't have time to remember what it felt like to decide whether it truly was baby, or just gas bubbles. Yes, gas, yet another of the glories of pregnancy. Don't even get me started on the leaking urine.

My ultrasound is this Thursday. I am a little apprenhensive. I will be 18 weeks tomorrow, and had already been feeling Teagan for a week at this point. I don't know if it's just the way my placenta is lying this time or what. Of course, I have fallen and jarred the poor thing twice already. Maybe he's just ignoring me. Payback for shaking me up, Mom. I do have obstinate children. I never was worried with any of the other kids, which is why it concerns me this time. I usually just assume that all is well and there is nothing to worry about. But, I just can't shake the bad feelings this time. It's like, I've had my share of healthy babies, it must be my turn to have something wrong, kwim? I know I'll feel better after the US, it's just the waiting. My US is at 10 am, and it is the fear of "seeing" something wrong that is eating me up. My appt with my midwife, Kim is after the US. I wish I could see her first. She has such a calming, compassionate presence, I know she would reassure me, after easily finding the heartbeat with the Doppler. She always knows the right thing to say and she seems genuinely excited for me, despite that this is my fifth child, which is just way too many to some people. I love Kim.

Okay, enough of my misty eyed musings. I will update when I have more news.

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