Tuesday, March 18, 2008

We have movement!

I think. While lying in bed last night, I was determined to get this little bugger to move. I am pretty sure that my placenta is up front because all I can feel in the majority of my uterus is my own pulse. But, if I press way down low, essentially, under my stomach, I might just get a little bump. Of course, I was pressing pretty firmly, so maybe it was just his way of saying "Damn, Mom. You're squishing me." See? Obstinate children.
And yes, I did say he.
No, I do not know the sex.
Pay attention.
My US is not until Thursday, and even then, I won't tell you because I don't plan on finding out. This is my last chance for a surprise so you will all wonder along with me. But, I don't like calling the baby an it, and since 3 of my 4 are boys...... well, you figure the odds.
Oh, and the nausea? Not gone, still.

Speaking of my boys, one of them is rather resourceful. While my roast was a roasting in the crockpot, Travis decided he would fix his own dinner. Since he is not one to actually eat real people food, I figured what the heck. So, into the kitchen I go, and this is what I find.

A hot dog with barbecue sauce. He did manage to microwave it and cut it up himself which is impressive. He has been shunning buns for a few months now. I have stopped buying them since he is the only one who eats hot dogs. I'm not sure how the bbq sauce came to be since he is a ketchup fiend, but whatever. I did take the pop tart away, because I was pretty sure he wasn't going to eat all of that. And then I swiped most of the Cheetos for myself. I think, if I try real hard I can call this a well balanced meal. I mean, we have a hot dog for protein, Cheetos for dairy?, and don't Doritos qualify as a grain and a veggie since they are CORN chips? Not sure where the marshmallows fit in, but a kid has to have dessert, right? I particularly like the way he organized his food in individual bowls to keep it from touching. Yeah, he is one of THOSE types.

He did miss out on some yummy roast. I discovered, after the roast was thawed, of course, that I didn't have any of the highly processed, powdered gravy mix that I usually use. I had to use REAL spices. Don't ask me for the recipe. Beyond throwing a sliced onion, a few cloves of garlic, and a couple teaspoonfuls of various spices into the pot, I'm not sure how I made it. It actually turned out well though. I should have taken a pic of our roast, mashed potatoes, and corn dinner. It would have made up for the scary picture above.

Note to self though, never use rosemary during pregnancy. It has an extremely strong odor and doesn't bode well for someone suffering from previously mentioned morning sickness. Even Travis kept telling me to put the lid back on because "That stinks".

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