Wednesday, March 26, 2008

We made poop!

Well, I didn't but Teagan did! Yay! He has been peeing pretty consistently on the potty when we are at home. (Although, it is a bit of an argument in the morning to get him out of his diaper. I say Undies, he says Di-pa) And he would always ask for a diaper when he had to go #2. Today, he was walking around saying he had to poop, but he didn't ask for a diaper. I told him he could go on his potty chair, and he wasn't too keen on the idea. In fact, he may have given me a look just like this one. So, we took the top of his potty seat to the bathroom and attached it to the toilet. I even gave him a stool so he could get up there all by himself. He really wasn't interested. I figured one of three things would happen. One, he would eventually use the toilet, two, he would ask for a diaper to do his business in, or three, he would poop in his undies and I would say, Awww, man. Luckily, #1 was the best option for his #2. Of course, he waited until I was falling asleep on the couch watching cartoons. I mean, I was falling asleep, he was watching cartoons. So, I awaken to this little waddling man, who's pants are down around his ankles. He tells me, "I pooped." Now, in my half awake state, it took me a minute to process and I'm trying to think of all the places he might have pooped. He walked me to the bathroom to show me. And yay, he did poop in the toilet. (I hate cleaning poopy potty seats, so double yay.) He even tried to wipe his own bottom. Unfortunately, that required at least a half a roll of toilet paper and still didn't get the job done. After unclogging the toilet, I praised him for being such a big boy.
Funny thing is, he had to have the potty seat put back together next time he needed to pee. I'm not sure how he associates one with the potty and the other with the toilet, but hey, whatever works. He even came in from playing outside to use the potty!!! I guess our next big hurdle will be using a public bathroom. Not sure how to work that angle yet. Any suggestions? Just take him out with a spare change of clothes and hope he tells me when he needs to pee? I wonder if we are willing to brave it tomorrow. We need to go out to order his birthday cake anyway.
After checking out his potty pictures, Teagan wanted to show off his own picture taking abilities. Tatum is not the only one with mad photography skills in this house. There is his foot.
And the ceiling.
And the living room complete with it's own potty chair. I know, strange place for it, but he wasn't interested in using it until I put it out there where he had easy access to it. That is lazy, er, I mean experienced Moms potty training tip for the day. Put the little person in sweatpants and make the potty easily accessible. There really is very little else for me to do.


Special K said...

That poor kid... pics of him on the toilet on the world wibe web. He may never forgive you for that one.

The Dairy Wife said...

He has the cutest look on his face. You can tell he's thinking, "MOOOOMMMMMMM!"

It's good to meet you!