Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The little prince

A gratuitous Teagan pic. These are the last days of his babyhood. :o(
He will be 3 on March 29. Does that make him, not even a toddler, but technically, a preschooler? No, I think he's still my baby. He used to be such a sweet, little man. With quiet, little tantrums. More like dirty looks and the cold shoulder. Alas, the terrible three's are here. The whining and crying have reached a level I never thought him capable of. He is still a cuddler though, as long as it is on his terms. If he is whining and crying, don't try to cuddle him, it will make him madder. But, don't ignore him and walk away, that will make him madder. And he will just continue to cry until I return and he decides he's ready for me to pick him up. Then, all will be well with the world.

Until the next time he gets an attitude because I forgot to let him stir his strawberry milk.

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