Sunday, October 12, 2008

Farm fun

Aunt Krista and I took the little trolls to a farm festival on Saturday. The big boys were spending the night with Grandma . I think it must have been a haunted farm. You'll notice the "aura" in most of the pics. That, or the auto setting on my camera can't tell when it's bright and sunny out and made the flash go off. (Note to self, turn the camera to manual when outside.)
A yummy and nutritious lunch. A donut for Teagan, and some cookies for Tatum. What do you want when all they serve are hot dogs and hamburgers, and I have two picky eaters?

Tess was not feeling too friendly in the sling.

The Monster Mountain slide was a hit. I'm sure they could have gone up and down that for another hour.

Unfortunately, the sign faces the sun. Hence all the squinty eyes.

They both enjoyed the zip line, despite the long line, and the unbelievable 80 degree October day.

Teagan got a kick out of the "haunted" house. I guess it really was haunted. There's an invisible person carrying a diaper bag behind Tatum. Oh no, wait, that's Aunt Krista. She got suckered into going in with them the first time because it was too dark and spooky. I didn't warn her about the slide. Hehehe

Tess and I enjoying computer time. She was making funny faces at me so I couldn't concentrate.


Liz said...

They're so adorable!

Bella Casa said...

Beautiful kids!!!

Looks like a fun time, love that!