Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Welcome October

I think Fall had it's official welcome today. At least, it felt like it. Somehow, it doesn't quite feel like fall until you need to grab a jacket.
Or until October, to me, anyway. Yeah, I know September and November are part of fall, but it's just not the same. I love October. It just might be my favorite month.
The scary part is, we are heading into the insanely high heating bill days. Hence, the scary music. I've done a little fall decorating, but haven't pulled out my Halloween stuff yet. Thought it was a little too early for that while we were still in September. Guess it's safe now.
Teagan just had to jump in a pic. And no, I did not suggest he wear his hot wheel slippers outside just so his feet would be covered since it is 50 something degrees out.
That little pumpkin there grew in the compost pile. That seems to happen every year. This year, we also had some pumpkin vines growing in the front and back yard flower beds. Hmm, someone must have been too busy/lazy to pick up the pumpkins before they rotted last year. I pulled them out of the front bed since the vine was climbing over my perennials. And Buddy, the veggie eating dog, took care of the one in the back. She sure did enjoy those little pumpkins, after she ripped them off the vine, chased them around the yard, then gnawed them into pulp.
That is a little bird nest there next to my pumpkin. It fell out of one of our trees and the kids found it. Luckily, it was empty when they found it.

Oh, I love fall!
How do I love thee?
I love
apple cider
cooler temps
fall festivals
jack o lanterns
scented candles
cozy sweaters
trick or treat
and guessing games.

As in, guess what the heck this is!


Special K said...

OMG! You cut all your hair off?! And you didn't even tell me you were going to... WTF!

I bet the hubby's not happy. So do we get a pic of the new do?

Liz said...

No you did cut off your hair....

Ang said...

Who got scalped? LOL..

Wendy said...

oh my you cut your hair!!! i wanna see a pic!