Friday, October 03, 2008

The grump and voter registration

Okay, I know the two don't go together, unless voter registration makes you grumpy. I just know I have mentioned Tess's "bad" days and wanted you to witness the grumpiness.

Here is Tess giving me the stink eye for putting her in the swing. Simply because I was tired of holding her and I wanted to eat a sandwich. Ignore the junk on the floor. I need a bookshelf for this room. Bad.

Amazing!!! Two minutes later, she was asleep! No wonder she kept fussing. Yay! Now, I can finish my sandwich, clean the living room, do some more laundry....
Ten minutes later....
So much for doing anything beyond finishing my sandwich. And, this explains why it is 3 o clock in the afternoon and I am still in my pajamas. Thank goodness the kids can dress themselves. And now, she sleeps. On my lap. As usual. Which limits my movement. Obviously.

Don't forget to register to vote if you're not already registered. Many state deadlines are in the next few days, including Ohio's, which is Monday, Oct 6. You can check out your state deadline here Rock the Vote

And, if you're a woman, and you need a reason to vote, go borrow this movie from your local library.

After seeing what these women suffered through in order to gain the right to vote, no excuse is good enough to abuse that right.

This is an important and historical election. Vote responsibly.

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Lumpy said...

Is that anything like "Iron Eagle"?