Friday, October 03, 2008

You guessed

I guess you guys are too smart for me. Or, I didn't disguise the pony tail well enough. I was going to give you a hint, like this..... The hint was the long hair, not the round belly. Uh no, that's not what's going on. I did chop my hair off. I had to take a little bit more than I wanted to, in order to donate it to Locks of Love . They require 10 inches, so we chopped off 11 inches since I had layers. I was hoping it would be a couple inches longer than shoulder length, but, oh well. Unfortunately, my hair is naturally curly, so I still have to straighten it to get to this point. But, since it's not so long, it doesn't take near as long.
My long hair was just starting to get on my nerves. Having to switch sides through the night to nurse, I'd find myself pulling my hair out from under me. I'd have to pull it back to keep Tess from tugging on it, and that was just accidently. I know it would have been 100x worse once she figured out how to pull it intentionally.
I did like my long hair when I could get it to do what I wanted it to. So , I debtated long and hard before making a decision, but, it was time for a change.

Speaking of debate and time for a change, did you see the debate last night? Sarah Palin did not do as horribly as expected. But, she did manage to evade answering questions she either didn't want to answer or didn't know the answers to. I did learn a few things from Mrs. Palin.

1. Obama plans to raise taxes. (Except I already read his tax plan, and heard his version. I will get a bigger tax cut with his plan than with McCain's)

2. Barack Obama voted to cut funding for troops. (Except I watched the presidential debate and already heard his explanation for why neither he nor McCain voted for more funding for the troops)

3. McCain is a maverick. (Except I'm sick of hearing this, and Joe Biden finally took her to task on the whole maverick issue. Yay, Joe!)

I still didn't hear a whole lot about what their "plan" is. Yeah, I know, they are going to reform Washington and clean up the greed and corruption on Wall Street, and cut spending, but HOW??? Can they just not answer in specifics?. I mean, come on, I'm a lay person, I need an example!!! McCain avoided specifics during his speech too. It's really quite annoying. It's nice that you want to give government back to the American people, but how are you going to do it?
For example, when asked what effect the bailout plan would have on their budgets and plan, both Barack Obama and Joe Biden gave specific examples. McCain and Palin did not.

I would agree with Geraldine Ferraro who was interviewed after the debate. If I heard her mention energy one more time, I would have a heart attack. Add to that her mentions of McCain's maverickness and Obama's tax hikes....

I would say, Palin didn't flub up like she seems to do in interviews when asked direct questions she hasn't rehearsed for. And her cute folksy chatter like dog gone it, I betcha, darn right, and say it ain't so, Joe, I'm sure spoke to some people. I would have just liked to hear her answer a question directly instead of heading back to her talking points. And was anyone else annoyed by her telling Joe Biden to stop focusing on the past, even though she did the same?

The truth is, an election is not based on the VP candidate, but what the presidential candidate has to say. And to hear more, watch the debates Oct 7 and 15.


Special K said...

I like the new do. I bet it's a lot more comfortable shorter. And quicker to style. Try flipping the ends out. I bet that'd be cute too.

PS. Ditto about the debate.

Lumpy said...

I saw an Obama commercial today that said they are "Focusing on the Future". I heard Joe Biden keep mentioning George Bush and the past eight years. ?.

Lisa B. said...

Love the new do. It makes you look so much younger. It really shows off your eyes.

Wendy said...

I like the haircut, it looks great! how was your first night back at work?