Monday, October 27, 2008

Pumpkin painting

Day 1
Buddy wanted a pumpkin too. But we know she just likes to use them for chew toys so she didn't get one. Our girl did visit the vet the other day because she was rubbing her butt raw. Apparently, she is allergic to flea bites. Who'd thunk it? So she was sent home with some flea treatment, anti itch spray and steroid pills. Oh, and an order to go on a diet. I guess 86 pounds is too big for a 2 yr old.

Notice how Tatum started out with a smiley face and ended up with a black pumpkin. (The pictures are out of order)

Teag and Tess

Day 2
Daddy washed the pumpkins just so they could paint them again. Another activity that doesn't rate high for coolness points, hence the missing 11 yr old.

Tess wasn't too into it this time either.

The end result
Travis, Teagan, Mommy, Tess, and Tatum's pumpkins

Tate discovered if you combine every color, you get purple! Sort of.

We made some applesauce after we were done with the pumpkins. I stuck it in the fridge, because, really, who wants to eat warm applesauce. When I opened it up later, I discovered someone had already raided the bowl.

Ignore the sink full of dishes. We washed them while the applesauce was cooking. And no, I don't understand why the 3 yr old insists on going shirtless, even with the furnace is set to 65.

Remember when we were complaining about the 80 degree October days? Now, we can complain about 40 degree October days. The wind really started kicking up last night so Bobby brought my ferns in off the porch. Apparently, a little birdie had made it's home in one because it went sailing through the house. I would have taken a picture of it sitting on the ceiling fan, but I was too busy, uh, ducking. We did get it out the back door into the mud room where my darling husband caught it. So we snapped a pic of the intruder before releasing it out the back door.


Rue said...

Hi Carla :)

The pumpkins turned out really cute and much safer than using knives ;)

He'll put a shirt on eventually. Annie spent 5 years running around mostly nekked with just a diaper on, but now she wouldn't be caught dead without clothes... "OMG Mommy!" LOL

What a cute little birdie! I hope he finds a new home soon.


Special K said...

Now that's recycling. Just wash the paint off and paint the pumpkins again. They could just do that everyday.

PS. I'll be so glad when Halloween is over so you'll take that damn music off. If I hear Bette Midler one more time.....

Erykah said...

Love the pictures! I can't believe you caught the birdie!