Friday, October 31, 2008

Trick or treat 08

The line up this year, ladybug, puppy, witch, racecar driver, and a soldier. Of course, the soldier took off with his friends before I snapped a pic, and by the time he got back, my battery was dead. You'll have to check out Krista's blog to see the oldest kid. I think she got a pic of him. The cute green witch. Daddy said, "She's so cute, we couldn't even make her ugly."

The little ladybug
And they're off!
I was surprised by the number of houses not partcipating this year. At some points, it was a bit of a walk between houses handing out treats. Some people really got into it though.
See the chainsaw wielding skeleton dude?
Yep, that's my puppy walking right next to him without a care.
The older two were a little nervous, but Teagan didn't seem to be bothered.
Tess was just along for the ride.

The old hag on the porch? That was a real person. Well, with a mask. Tatum was a little leery walking up there once she saw her move.
They didn't last the whole 2 hours, so we headed home right before 8 to check out their stash. My kids are lightweights when it comes to trick or treating. And they haven't quite figured out that the more houses you hit, the more candy you get. One of these years, it will sink in.


LIZ said...

Cute....This year Ze'vyer decided not to go Trick or Treating....OMG I thought it would happen a lot later...I still went when I was in High School.
Your kids are CUTE!!!

Love ya,

Lumpy said...

I don't think "Trick or Treating" is very ecologically sound. Think how long all those little candy wrappers last in a landfill. JK! Happy Halloween