Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

My Halloween girl. She looks a little spooked, huh?
Check out my cool bat socks!

Plan for the day:
Make caramel apples
Pop some popcorn
Watch Hocus Pocus and eat junk!

Trick or treat 08

The line up this year, ladybug, puppy, witch, racecar driver, and a soldier. Of course, the soldier took off with his friends before I snapped a pic, and by the time he got back, my battery was dead. You'll have to check out Krista's blog to see the oldest kid. I think she got a pic of him. The cute green witch. Daddy said, "She's so cute, we couldn't even make her ugly."

The little ladybug
And they're off!
I was surprised by the number of houses not partcipating this year. At some points, it was a bit of a walk between houses handing out treats. Some people really got into it though.
See the chainsaw wielding skeleton dude?
Yep, that's my puppy walking right next to him without a care.
The older two were a little nervous, but Teagan didn't seem to be bothered.
Tess was just along for the ride.

The old hag on the porch? That was a real person. Well, with a mask. Tatum was a little leery walking up there once she saw her move.
They didn't last the whole 2 hours, so we headed home right before 8 to check out their stash. My kids are lightweights when it comes to trick or treating. And they haven't quite figured out that the more houses you hit, the more candy you get. One of these years, it will sink in.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Pumpkin painting

Day 1
Buddy wanted a pumpkin too. But we know she just likes to use them for chew toys so she didn't get one. Our girl did visit the vet the other day because she was rubbing her butt raw. Apparently, she is allergic to flea bites. Who'd thunk it? So she was sent home with some flea treatment, anti itch spray and steroid pills. Oh, and an order to go on a diet. I guess 86 pounds is too big for a 2 yr old.

Notice how Tatum started out with a smiley face and ended up with a black pumpkin. (The pictures are out of order)

Teag and Tess

Day 2
Daddy washed the pumpkins just so they could paint them again. Another activity that doesn't rate high for coolness points, hence the missing 11 yr old.

Tess wasn't too into it this time either.

The end result
Travis, Teagan, Mommy, Tess, and Tatum's pumpkins

Tate discovered if you combine every color, you get purple! Sort of.

We made some applesauce after we were done with the pumpkins. I stuck it in the fridge, because, really, who wants to eat warm applesauce. When I opened it up later, I discovered someone had already raided the bowl.

Ignore the sink full of dishes. We washed them while the applesauce was cooking. And no, I don't understand why the 3 yr old insists on going shirtless, even with the furnace is set to 65.

Remember when we were complaining about the 80 degree October days? Now, we can complain about 40 degree October days. The wind really started kicking up last night so Bobby brought my ferns in off the porch. Apparently, a little birdie had made it's home in one because it went sailing through the house. I would have taken a picture of it sitting on the ceiling fan, but I was too busy, uh, ducking. We did get it out the back door into the mud room where my darling husband caught it. So we snapped a pic of the intruder before releasing it out the back door.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Gurgling Tess

11 weeks

Tess is 11 weeks old today, which is almost 12 weeks, which is basically 3 months. Wow! How did she get to be that old already? I remember the day she was born. No really, I remember it, vividly. Somehow, that little red, sleepy girl, became this curious, cuddly, yummy little chub.

We painted some pumpkins yesterday while the big boys were off helping Grandma. I think it was just a practice session since the little people got a wee bit crazy with the paint and ended up with black pumpkins. Tess was content to watch from her bouncy seat.

Although she did paint one pumpkin.

I'm a superstar!

And then, as if that wasn't amazing enough, she attempted to defy gravity by pooping upwards instead of, you know, the normal way.

She had a blowout clear up her back, which seemed to amuse her.
I didn't think it was funny, but she thought it was hilarious.
Off to the bathtub we went, and since Tatum splattered black paint on her face, and I don't have a baby bathtub, she went too.

It is pretty convenient, since this baby bather just hands me the baby after she's clean. No more rinsing out the annoying baby tub or finding somewhere to store the darn thing.
I wouldn't recommend leaving a 3 yr old alone with the paint though.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

A Boy and his Hats

So I took Tanner to the Halloween store to pick a costume. I swear, he had one costume in mind until he saw the toy guns, then he was all about an army costume. I'm sure, just to get a play gun. In the meantime, Teagan was checking out the hat collection. He already has his costume but he insisted he had to have the motorcycle helmet. I had to point out that puppies do not wear helmets. Pay no attention to the pink nail polish. It's a hazard of having an older sister.

I particularly like the little Rastafarian man.

More porches

Another drive through a small town, and more porches decorated for fall. Remember to visit Melissa at The Inspired Room for more porches. It's hard to see the mums on this porch, but I really like this house.

My 11 yr old was assisting me so I'm going to blame the fuzzy out of focus pics on him.
Because I can.

Lots and lots of mums!

Nice touch, eh?