Friday, August 08, 2008

38w2d appt

Met with my midwife yesterday for another appt. All is well. Still have swollen, disgusting feet. Baby girl is sounding pretty content in there, and despite her doing big belly rolls yesterday morning, she is still head down.

I did ask her to check my cervix. Logistically, I just can't reach it, and I really wanted to know that all these annoying contractions are doing something "down there". She said I am at least 2 cm dilated but could be 4 cm if she stretched it, which she didn't want to do. She's not on call until the weekend so I didn't want her stirring things up at all until then. Basically, I have what we call in OB, a sloppy, multip cervix, which means it's really soft and stretchy and I can make it whatever size I want to. Yeah, so not only are my outsides a mess, my insides are too. Thanks kids.

Baby girl, who still remains nameless, has been alot more active lately. I don't know if that means she's working herself into a better spot, or I've had too many iced coffees and chocolate. The bad thing is, when she moves, she presses down on my cervix, which causes some sharp, stabbing pains "down there".

I lost a pound this week, which seems weird since I haven't changed my eating habits and I am still swollen. I seem to recall losing a pound or two with the other kids too, the last week before labor started.

I have it set in my mind that this girl will make her appearance this weekend. Partly because my favorite midwife and nurses work this weekend and that's what I want her to do, but also because my last three little humans came out 9-11 days early. Uh, I have 11 days left until my due date. I thought 8/8/08 would be a cool birthday, but I'm not really in the mood today, so I'm thinking Sunday works better for me. Are you taking notes, little girl? Plus, now I have all my crap in order. The bag is packed, the Ipod is mostly loaded, the camera is charged, the extra DVD's are bought....... Okay, so I'd like to clean the house really good one more time, and clean out my closet, and weed the garden, but I'm at the letting that all go stage. Although now, I have this fear that she'll never come out because I just keep calling her baby girl.

Maybe we'll pick a name before Kindergarten. Just when I think I've settled on something and damn Bobby and what he thinks, I start to think, well, the other name is cute too. Ugh! Why is picking a name that will last a child her entire lifetime and help define her as a person so hard?!?! Whine!!!

Hey, and would you believe my hospital now has wireless?!?! Pretty cool, huh?

Okay. I'm off for a nap.

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