Thursday, August 21, 2008

Yesterday sucked

And not because I sent two of my spawn off to school. That was the highlight of the day. I caught a couple pics of Travis, but Tanner was already gone by the time I came downstairs, at 7:10 am!!! Middle school starts at 7:30. I don't even want to venture a guess as to what time his bus might go by, 6:45, maybe? That's insane. He's getting dropped off, because nobody here is getting up at 6 am! Even though Travis had been saying he wasn't excited about 2nd grade, he sure was eager to get out the door and wait for the school bus. And both mornings, he has hugged the bus driver. How can this kid seem so sweet, and yet, is a little booger at other times?
This morning, Teagan had to wait out there with him. Yes, Teagan was up at 6:30, AM! Anyway, back to my sucky yesterday, the two goblins left at home made it their mission to drive Mom insane. Even Tess got in on the action. She was miserable all day, which, of course, meant Mommy was miserable. She must have had a belly ache because she wouldn't sleep for more than 30 minutes at a time. I barely put her down all day, which means I just had to sit and stare at my messy house, which means I felt like a sloth for not accomplishing anything. Tatum and Teagan spent the entire day fighting and totally ignoring everything I said. I banished them to their room around 3 o'clock. That was short lived though, because THEY WEREN'T LISTENING! I finally got Tess to sleep for about 45 minutes at one point by faking her out with a pacifier Teagan found in the toy box. Not sure how old it is since Teagan is 3 1/2, and never used a pacifier. Hey, I washed it first. She gave me just enough time to have a mini nervous breakdown and unload the dishwasher.
Thank God those days don't come in pairs. Tuesday was a better day. I took the kids to the sprinkler park since it was the boys' last "free" day before school started. Aunt Krista met us there. Tess spent the whole time like this......
Yeah, don't ask me about the tongue thing. I don't know what that's about. Dreaming of booby milk? (Is it booby, or boobie? Anyway....)

This is Travis, who was not too keen on having his pic taken. And forget about seeing the oldest child, because he's just way too cool to have his picture taken. I swear, I really do have five kids.

The kids had fun, although Tatum and Teagan were not ready to go when it was time to leave. Because, of course, they. don't. listen.
So, Tuesday was good. Wednesday sucked. Thursday has been good. I hope there's not a theme going on here. This is how Tess has spent most of her day today, taking 3 hour naps. Hope this doesn't mean she'll be up all night. I kid you not, the entire day Tuesday, she was up for most of it, way up until almost midnight. I nursed her at 11:30, then I either slept through her feeding herself, or she actually slept until 6 am today. I woke her up at 8 to feed her, then she slept through Kindergarten screening, where I learned my daughter is brilliant (okay, maybe not, but she's ready for Kindergarten, dang it), then she slept through our trip to Meijer to pick out back packs. Tatum got a Hello Kitty pack, and Teagan insisted on a Cars backup, even though I tried to convince him that he doesn't need one. She even slept long enough for me to eat lunch without dropping crumbs on her.
My buddy Wendy, dropped by with her kids and some Pan*era bagels. Yum. Apparently, my boys aren't the only ones obsessed with Guitar Hero. They were my first non relative visitors since delivery. Luckily, it was a good day and I was dressed. Although, the house is a mess. I decided since I stressed so much yesterday about my messy house, I just wasn't going to care today. It's actually kind of a nice feeling.
Good, she's waking up now. Because she wiggled off the Boppy, and I looked at her. So my boobs hurt. Darn it. Ain't lactation great?

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Cindy said...

AWE Your kids are darling and looked like they had fun! I can't believe school is starting already!!! WOW!

Tess is so beautiful - how are you doing these days?