Friday, August 15, 2008

Milk face

Told you the girl is a piggy. She gulps so fast, she dribbles on her chin. I spoke too soon about our good day. Apparently, she's a morning person. By late afternoon, she was pretty moody and irritable again. The poor girl has some seriously stinky gas issues. She only poops once a day and hasn't quite cleared out the sticky brown stuff yet. I know, that probably grossed out a couple of you. Deal with it. Moms talk about poop.
She did take another 3 hr nap this afternoon, on me. Which, I guess, makes me sit down and take a break, at least. I'll forgive her, her irritability as long as graces me with her sleepy baby smiles.
Here are a few hospital pics, since I haven't posted any of those yet.

Luckily, I watched her come out of my body and she never left my room, so there were no doubts she's mine, despite the dark hair. Bobby had some doubts she's his though. :op I had to remind him that most of the people in the family have brown hair. He says he was a blond when he was a kid. Uh, yeah honey, but what color is your hair now? Brown. I thought she didn't really look like any of us either, but lying in bed yesterday, staring at her, I realized that her scrunched up little sumo wrestler look resembled my newborn pics. It's about time I got one that looks like me.


Kristina said...

She is precious!!

Laura McIntyre said...

She is just way to cute, but darn it girl you are make me wanting to hold mine and i just need to wait a few more weeks :)