Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Last days for the sprinkler park

The water is turned off after Labor Day, so I took the kids and Aunt Krista for one more trip to the water park. On a school night. It was Krista's idea. Because she doesn't have kids in school.

We took Krista's neighbor's daughter, Lillian. Tatum's doppleganger. You can't tell as well in this pic since Lillian was looking sideways and only half smiling, but they could pass for twins, or at least sisters. It was eerie looking back in the rearview and seeing Tatum's look alike.

They all had a good time, except for Travis and the vomit episode. Apparently, running around too much makes him throw up, which he did outside the bathroom door. Later, Krista noticed the 3 older kids wandering over to the bathroom. She said, "I wonder what they are doing". And I said, being the experienced Mom that I am, "I guarantee they are going to check out the puke." Yep, they really did.

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Special K said...

Oh c'mon... it wasn't so bad, was it? Did none of them want to get up this morning or something? LOL!