Tuesday, August 19, 2008


I thought when the labor part was done, everything was supposed to feel better? I guess maybe making a 3 hr trip to the store for groceries and school supplies was a bit much 8 days post partum. At least, that's what my cramping uterus and hemorrhoids were telling me. Ugh! And that darn left butt cheek pain is back. Darn it. I guess I'll be calling the chiropractor back this week.
Tess slept through the store, in one of my new slings. After topping her off in the car before going in and changing her pants, twice. I swear, the girl knows when you put a clean diaper on her. She prefers a clean one to poop in. I kid you not. Change her diaper, and within 5-10 minutes, she'll be pooping. Oh, and it's time for belly shirts! Her cord stump fell off on Sunday. Too bad it's almost the end of summer. I guess she'll have to wait until she's 14 to exasperate me with her wardrobe choices. Bobby thinks she'll have an outie. I think right now, it's still an in-betweeny, but I'm sure it'll be an innie.

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Erykah said...

You are my hero shopping 8 days PP!! We don't go back for another week or two and I am cramming everything in right now!

Tess is beautiful, by the way!!