Sunday, August 24, 2008

Two weeks

To celebrate Tess's 2 week birthday, we took her to the boat races in Celina. She wasn't too impressed. Okay, it really wasn't for her benefit. It was for the boys and Daddy. Although, I have to admit, the formula 1 boat hitting speeds > 125 mph was pretty cool. Even Tatum was impressed with that one.

It was a long afternoon of boating with racing going on for about 5 hours. Luckily, there was food and inflatable fun to keep the kids entertained. And Tess spent most of the time asleep. Which was a big change from the day before. She had another "off" day on Saturday. She was just grumpy and irritable and slept very little unless she was connected to the boob or lying on Mom. My friend, Missy, came to visit and brought a yummy Cold Stone ice cream cake and some adult conversation. A welcome change. She said that Tess looks alot bigger. I can't really see it, being as, I'm with her all day, every day. But I guess we'll find out tomorrow. Her 2 week check up is in the morning.

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Kristina said...

She's so adorable in the sling!!